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RICH CHOCOLATE An intensely flavourful and moist chocolate cake
made with the darkest cocoa available.

Classic Vanilla A moist and flavourful vanilla cake made with Madagascar vanilla bean.

Carrot Without a doubt the best carrot cake you have ever had! And we promise, no raisins!

Red Velvet A southern tradition, this cake is delicious cross between
chocolate and vanilla and of course with the signature red colour.

Lemon Our classic vanilla cake with the addition of fresh lemon zest.

Gluten Free Chocolate Our rich chocolate cake made gluten free.

Gluten Free Vanilla Our classic vanilla cake made gluten free.

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Our buttercream is a traditional Swiss Meringue recipe made simply with real butter, eggs and sugar.


Vanilla Flavoured with real Madagascar vanilla bean.

Chocolate Made with rich dark Swiss chocolate.

Gianduja Milk chocolate and smooth hazelnut paste.

Raspberry Made with fresh raspberry puree.

Peanut Butter Flavoured with smooth, creamy peanut butter.

Cream Cheese Classic vanilla buttercream with the addition of cream cheese.

Mango/ Passionfruit Flavoured with sweet mango and tart passionfruit purees.

Salted Caramel Flavoured with fleur de sel and our in house made caramel.

Lemon Flavoured with the addition of fresh made tart lemon curd.

Fudge Frosting Sweet and rich with the addition of dark cocoa.

Cookies & Cream The classic cookie crushed and added to our vanilla frosting.