Monthly Archives: June 2011

We are #1!

Loads of firsts happening here at Bobbette and Belle including these little party people’s first birthdays!  They ate like champs as they had their first taste of sweet B&B cupcakes.  We wish we could get away with chocolate all over our faces, admittedly we are not as cute as these two.

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Pretty In Pink

Here is a version of our pretty in pink cake done up for a bridal shower.  The original cake was created for a baby shower but this is a perfect example for versatile our designs can be.  Really girly, really pink, this is one of B&B’s favorites!    

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Engaged with B&B

Feast your eyes on Claudia & Freds beautiful engagement pictures at Bobbette & Belle: photos taken by YoungHearts Photography.  We think this is such a sweet idea! 

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