Crazy for Cronuts

It’s high time we talked about cronuts. A couple months ago we were chatting about New York’s latest dessert fad in our kitchen (while we were whipping up the day’s delicious treats!) And before we knew it, it wasn’t just the dessert industry insiders in the know, but cronuts were lighting up the Internet all over. We think we can say the edible portmanteau has definitely taken off.

Let’s back track.

We’re pretty sure we can point to the originator of baked goods as trends; thy name is Carrie Bradshaw. Even for those of us who think we turn out a pretty awesome cupcake of our own (wink wink), Magnolia Bakery in New York became a must-visit destination on any NYC trip since Sarah Jessica and her crew popularized the sweet treat as a fad.

SATC & Magnolia

But that was over ten years ago (hard to believe, right!?). And despite the cultural megaphone it always was, SATC circa 2001 has nothing on the newest way to get all your vital news: social media. In May, Twitter and Instagram started chattering about the new treat and its crazy popularity. Stories about cronut scalping, $50 prices and some seriously not nice behaviour when stores were sold out began circling. Yikes.

@DominiqueAnsel tweeted this photo of the cronut line in NYC 5 minutes after doors opened!

Here in Toronto, our friends at The Grid are all over the dessert mash up. We reinterpreted the classic s’more and turned it into a brand new combo featuring the an Argentinian shortbread cookie: the Alfajores S’more.

Our Alfajore S’more

While we don’t serve cronuts, we do have another hybrid creation. Behold the macaron/cupcake combo! Mac-cake? Cuparon? You decide:

Our rainbow treats.

We definitely don’t think cronut madness is over, but we just couldn’t bite our tongues any longer. Are you really that surprised that we love it when a dessert makes headline news?


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