Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

You would never know this is a gluten free chocolate cake, so it’s perfect for all of the guests at your event. Three layers of moist chocolate gluten free cake filled with classic Belgian chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream and finished with our signature chocolate buttercream swirl. Even the rainbow sprinkles are gluten free!




Sugar Plaque

  • We do not pipe messages directly onto cakes. All our messages are in gold piping. Please note that our plaques are in cursive writing only. Unfortunately we can not accommodate requests for piped pictures, logos or anything other than writing. We would recommend an edible image for these types of items.

  • Max: 30 characters

Please note that while this recipe does not contain gluten, we are not a certified gluten free facility and there is a small risk of cross contamination.

6″ (serves 6-10)

8″ (serves 12-20)

10″ (serves 24-35)

12″ (serves 40-60)

Slab Cake (serves 90-120)