Our Architectural Comission: A Tower Cake

When First Canadian Place called us to make a cake replica of their Toronto tower, we jumped on the opportunity to take our cake building to new heights (har har)! By the time we were through, we all felt as though we’d earned an honorary architecture degree. For now we’re going to stick with flour, butter and sugar (instead of steel and brick) but here’s how we made it happen.

The building is Canada’s tallest office complex which means that the tower cake was definitely the tallest cake we’ve ever made, standing almost five feet tall! Just to compare, that’s the size of your average ten year old boy.  The height required a LOT of forward thinking to allow for the weight of the tower without a toppling over situation (which would’ve definitely been a party foul). At it’s location in Toronto’s Financial District, the building has 72 stories. That’s a lot of sugar!

We received the architectural drawings in order to make a perfect scale version. If you’ve ever seen blueprints, you’ll know how complex they are. Luckily Daniella, a member of the B&B team, has an advanced degree in math and she helped us decipher the complex codes and drawings, perfectly scaling the huge tower into a smaller version. We also received samples of the exact marble of the floor and glass of the windows so we could replicate them perfectly in cake and sugar pastillage. It was a bit of a challenge to achieve a marble effect in sugar but we love trying new techniques and were really pleased with the result!

Here are some photos from sketches to slices! Just call us Bob(bette) the Builder.


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