Gluten-Free Cakes
  • Classic Buttercream Swirl Quick View

    Classic Buttercream Swirl

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  • Smooth Buttercream Finish Quick View

    Smooth Buttercream Finish

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  • Nearly Naked Buttercream Finish Quick View

    Nearly Naked Buttercream Finish


    With just a hint of cake showing through each tier, this buttercream cake has a rustic and informal appearance that looks wonderful with all types of fresh flowers.

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  • The Magnolia Dream Quick View

    The Magnolia Dream

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  • Cascading Sequins Quick View

    Cascading Sequins

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  • The Rose Cake Quick View

    The Rose Cake

    By making the single widely blossoming rose the focal point of this cake, this classic flower has become sophisticated and chic.

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  • The Perfect Peony Quick View

    The Perfect Peony

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  • Garden Trellis Quick View

    Garden Trellis

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  • The Ballerina Quick View

    The Ballerina

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  • Cascading Pearls Quick View

    Cascading Pearls

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  • The Crystal Garden Quick View

    The Crystal Garden

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  • Vintage Lace Quick View

    Vintage Lace

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  • The Jenny Packham Quick View

    The Jenny Packham

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  • The Petite Ballerina Quick View

    The Petite Ballerina

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  • Ombre Sugar Flowers Quick View

    Ombre Sugar Flowers

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  • The English Garden Quick View

    The English Garden

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