Bars, Tarts & Drop Cookies

Every group get together, special occasion and corporate meeting needs a good sweet tray and these are the ultimate. Both sizes contain a variety of our delicious bars and drop cookies including hello dollies, caramel pecan squares, brownies, ginger cookies, shortbread, chocolate fleur de sel cookies and alfajores.



The box contains 4 hello dollies, 4 brownies, 4 chocolate fleur de sel cookies, 4 ginger spice cookies, 4 shortbread cookies, 4 caramel pecan squares, 4 alfajores. (28 pieces)

The tray contains 8 hello dollies, 8 brownies, 8 chocolate fleur de sel cookies, 8 ginger spice cookies, 8 shortbread cookies 8 caramel pecan squares, 8 alfajores. (56 pieces)