Edible Image Cake

Edible images are a great way to include a picture, a logo or a graphic design on your cake. Simply provide us with a clear picture, graphic or logo and we will size it to fit your selected cake size up to a maximum of 7″ by 9.5″. Cakes with an edible image may be any flavour but must be finished on the outside with vanilla buttercream in our signature swirl pattern.



Edible Image

  • Max file size: 1 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif


Sugar Plaque

  • We do not pipe messages directly onto cakes. All our messages are in gold piping. Please note that our plaques are in cursive writing only. Unfortunately we can not accommodate requests for piped pictures, logos or anything other than writing. We would recommend an edible image for these types of items.

  • Max: 30 characters

6″ (serves 6-10)

8″ (serves 12-20)

10″ (serves 24-35)

12″ (serves 40-60)

Slab Cake (serves 90-120)

Edible images are tricky and often take several attempts to get it just right. Please note the following to help facilitate our success:

  • We recommend allowing us to crop the image into a circle at our discretion as it tends to look better on a round cake, however, we are happy to print the shape you supply as well.
  • Our printer uses vegetable based ink and as such we can not guarantee colour matching to your original picture however, we do find that the vast majority of customers are very happy with the results.
  • We affix our edible images to a very thin sugar base before applying it to the cake so that the edges are clean looking and the picture can be removed prior to serving should you desire. If you would like a plaque with a message included with your cake but there is not enough room on the top with the picture, we will provide it in a separate package for you to place at your discretion.
  • We do not pipe messages directly onto the cake. Unfortunately we cannot edit your edible image in any way, we can only size it to fit the cake. Please provide us with the quality and colour of image/graphic you would like to see on the cake.
  • Vegetable dies are highly sensitive to UV, do not expose the images to direct sunlight.