Garden in Bloom Cupcake Tower

Our Garden In Bloom Cupcake Tower features beautiful hand piped buttercream garden flowers in your choice of pretty pastel shades. Each cupcake has a swirl of vanilla buttercream on a vanilla or chocolate cupcake base. You can select regular size cupcakes or a mix of regular and minis. As a special finishing touch, we also offer a coordinated Garden In Bloom topper cake.



    Cupcake Tower Topper Cake

    Cupcake Tower Setup and Deposit

    • If you would like your cupcakes set up at your venue please include this charge now and the appropriate delivery fee during checkout. Please review our Policies for more details.

    We top all the cupcakes with vanilla buttercream because this is the most cohesive and elegant look for the decorative cupcakes towers.

    We offer three cupcake tower sizes, but should you require even more decorative cupcakes for your event, you can purchase additional decorative cupcakes in the Decorative Cupcakes section.

    We offer our most popular shades online, however, if a custom colour is required, please contact us directly to order.

    Regular – 24
    Mixed – Regular 18, Mini 24
    Mixed, Option 1 – Regular 18, Mini 24
    Mixed, Option 2 – Regular 18, Mini 24

    Regular – 54
    Mixed – Regular 30, Mini 48
    Mixed, Option 1 – Regular 30, Mini 48
    Mixed, Option 2 – Regular 30, Mini 48

    Regular – 90
    Mixed – Regular 48, Mini 72
    Mixed, Option 1 – Regular 48, Mini 72
    Mixed, Option 2 – Regular 48, Mini 72

    Your credit card will be charged a $200 fee if the cupcake stand isn’t returned within 48 hours. If needed, more details are available in our Policies section.